Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wow!  What a whirlwind of a month!  We received a call from our sister-in-law, TyJuana letting us know that Terry’s Dad, Andy, may not survive the night on Monday, March 14.

The next day we (Terry, Jennie and I) packed the van, made a trip to the Dallas VA to pick up Terry’s new wheelchair and started on the road to Charlotte, NC.  We arrived there Thursday evening and checked into a hotel.  The next afternoon we went to see his Dad in the hospital.  It was truly a joyful reunion!

Andy passed away March 22, at home, with his family around him.  We are so thankful to have been there and spend time with him during his last days.

Terry appeared to know his Dad, whether he understood what happened, I’m not sure….

We spent several days with Shirley afterwards and the day before we left Terry started talking!  Everyone was there asking him questions, waiting for a word…and he responded big time!  What a thrill for the family!  It only lasted a day…

On March 30 we left for Summerville, SC to get a glimpse of my family there.  On the way we stopped in St George and had dinner with my brother Donald and his wife Melissa,   The next day we enjoyed eating at Sticky Fingers with most  everyone else.  Then we headed west!  Our condo on the beach was waiting!

We arrived in Pass Christian, MS April 1, late that evening.  All of this time Terry had been very quiet.  After a day or so of resting he began to talk again!  He has progressively improved every day! 

He’s responding to questions, occasionally making comments without prompting, giving lots of kisses, and he’s started feeding himself!  He has been eating table food for about 2 weeks now and can hold a sandwich fairly well.  A couple of days ago I put his breakfast down in front of him, went back to the kitchen to get something and when I came back he had his fork in his hand!  It took him 7 minutes but he got a bite in his mouth!!!!  Since then he tries every meal to feed himself.  I still help so he doesn’t have to eat everything cold, but he manages some every meal.

Watching him learn to do things again is just amazing!