Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These past few weeks have been uneventful...Terry has been very quiet.  He's reverted back to the way he was before April.  It's sad to see, but I'm just so thankful we had a few weeks with him talking, aware of things.

A couple of weeks ago I had Terry in the lift (it's like a swing) and was singing to him.  He was trying to move his mouth, so I videoed him, hoping he would sing.  He didn't.  Just yesterday I was watching the video and at the end I told him I loved him and asked if he still loved me...I tease with him often...and he said "yep!"  I had not remembered that he did that!  What a thrill to hear!  And it's recorded!

He's no more alert, but I still believe he's more aware.

He loves getting out and riding around in the van!  His chair fits in the front, now, so he can see everything!  He doesn't last but a couple of hours out, but I try to take him often.  Saturday we went to a movie.  It seems there's always a doctor appointment to go to!  And, of course, we try to make it to Church on Sunday.  Most of the time he makes it through the worship service. 

I'll add a few pictures of him.  He looks great!