Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Sunday evening and Terry has had a very good day!  He's been up this afternoon, watching a movie.

We had a nice visit from Marc Guinness from FL!  He's working out of Oklahoma City for a couple of weeks.  Thanks for driving down Marc!

Well, it's time to ask for prayers for us, Terry's family.  (of course I know many of you pray for us all the time)

Home Health told us they can only keep him in their care for 2 more months.  So we have decided to interview Hospice groups and choose one for Terry.  Please pray that a good match is made in this.  I know so often personalities play such a big part in caring for someone, so we are asking for a group that will be kind to Terry and encouraging.  Hopefully they will have answers to pain management for him so he can have many more pleasant days.

We are trying to dwell on the fact that he may have better care and less pain.

Thank you Tom and TyJuana for your encouragement regarding this decision.  I appreciate you both so much.
Terry is still having good days and not so good days.  Today he's slept all day, eaten very little.  The last few he's been alert and eaten well.  You just never know.

He's been on some late night walks with William and Emily....very late!  It's just so hot out! 

The occupational therapist did discharge him.  She couldn't make any progress with him. :(  So we're down to the aid that bathes him 3 times a week and the nurse comes once a week. 

As usual, he loves a movie or just sitting looking out the window.  Life has become very simple for him, but he seems to be very content.  For that I'm thankful.

Oops!  Forgot to post this for Saturday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dermatology visit went fine. 

Terry has been kinda puny for a few days...but yesterday he was great!  (Today not so much.)  It's always good to have a day when he's alert and communicates fairly well. 

He's been having visits from another Occupational Therapist.  She's not making any progress, really.  So, she may have to discharge him.  We'll see...

He hasn't been going for walks with William lately, it's just too hot here in Texas!  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good news!  The scope showed all clear!  Thanks for all of your prayers.  We appreciate you all so much. 

Terry has had a very good day.  The pain medication that he had in the hospital lasted all afternoon so he didn't start hurting until late this evening.  He was very alert all afternoon.

Tomorrow it's downtown to see a dermatologist at the VA.  It's just routine.  :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday...ahhhhhh.  We slept late, had a nice breakfast, then Terry's back down for a nap. 

Thursday we went to the Urologist, Terry has a urinary tract infection, again!  Afterward, across the street to the hospital for preop.  He's ready for the bladder scope on Monday.

We made it to the musical that evening.  Terry only lasted a little past intermission.  He was hurting; moaning loudly.  Just wish we knew what's hurting, when he hurts.  When we got back in the van he fell asleep immediately.  I couldn't see his face during the show, but the director could and said he smiled several times when Emily was speaking, singing, or dancing.  Just not sure if he'll remember it.  I forgot to take pictures!  I'm so disappointed that I didn't take at least one of him sitting there, so if he asks I could show him. :(

Thursday really exhausted him and he slept most of Friday. Today is much better.  He was very alert this morning.  Time to get him back up and ready for a walk!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June already?!  Where does the time go???  Terry is still very quiet, has been since we came home.  He says a couple of things each day, but not enough.  William is taking him for walks daily, which he seems to really enjoy. 

Well, he was not accepted in rehab.  He's just too weak and can't respond when asked to do things.  I understand, but still,disappointed.  William and I are going to stand him every day and have him take a few steps.  Consistency is the key, or so we believe.  So far, so good.  

 Tomorrow he has an appointment with the Urologist and preop at the hospital to get ready for a cystoscope of his baldder, which is next week.  Then in the evening we're going to see Emily in "Poseiden: An Upside Down Musical".  It's going to be a busy day!