Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our trip to Georgia was far as the reunion goes.  We were able to see cousins, aunts and uncles we hadn't seen in years...some 40 years!  We saw the place where our house once stood when we lived there.  (A very special neighbors house was still there.)  We also saw where our brother and grandparents were buried.  Three of my sisters were there...Jennie, of course, who now lives with us, Theresa, with her family, from Alabama and Pam, our baby sister from SC, with her caretaker, Doris. 

I was sad that my family there in Georgia never got to know Terry as he was.

The trip was very hard on Terry.  He was very uncomfortable after we left Georgia, so we stopped in Alabama for two nights so he could sleep a whole day.  Then we took two more days to drive home so he wouldn't have to stay up so long.

I had already started feeding him through his feeding tube some before we left, now it's all the time.  Today, however he did eat a few bites of food.

He's been in bed most of the this past week, just getting up a few minutes at a time.  He does seem to be getting a little stronger, but slowly.  Hopefully, I'll have better news to report in a few days.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terry is staying about the same...  He's eating part of the time, but still have to give him liquid food through his feeding tube some. 
He has leg braces now to help extend his legs.  We'll just use them a few minutes each day and build up to a couple of hours.  He didn't seem to mind them at all. 

Yesterday I got him to say "Good Morning"  after much prompting.  So far today, not a word.

We're off to Georgia for a family reunion tomorrow!  The second time for me in 40 years!  I'm anxious to see extended family again!  Two of my sisters will be there, also!

I wish the Sheltons (my Dad's people) could have known Terry before...