Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Please keep Terry in your prayers.  We're not seeing much improvement this week.  He's still not using his hands or talking.  We're ready for a turn around!  He was doing so well.  I guess it takes a while for any of us to build back strength after being sick, so we should expect it will take longer for him...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terry seems to feel much better.  However, he's not talking or using his hands.  It's so sad to see this again, but we're still hopeful he'll begin to improve.  So, for now, I'm thankful he's no longer sick. 

We started off the week with Church...actually made it to the early service...8:30am!  Afterwards lunch at Cracker Barrel, then a long nap!  We went out several times during the week, each time he seemed to enjoy just looking around...he especially likes crossing the lake!  There's a huge one just south of us that we cross on the way to Dallas, and we drove to Dallas twice this week.

I'm on the phone with a friend and she wanted to tell Terry "Good Morning", so I put her on speaker and when she said it Terry responded with "Good Morning"!  The first time in days!!!

We're going to see Captain America this afternoon....taking our grandsons. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another slow week for Terry...he's really having a hard time getting over this.  He started a new antiobiotic yesterday, so hopefully we'll begin to see some real improvement.

He's been very quiet, hasn't fed himself, spoken only a word or two here and there.  However, he slept well last night so I'm expecting a great day for him today! 

We've been in all week, so we'll keep staying in out of the heat (over 100 everyday!) and let him build his strength back up. 

Please keep him in your prayers, as always.  We appreciate each of you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Terry is still feeling under the weather...has a cold, or allergies.  He rested a lot this past week.  Although we did keep up with the therapy.  I do believe he's getting a little better.  He had chicken soup a couple of times and lots of sleep! 

This evening we stayed home and watched fireworks on tv.  That was a first!  But he did seem to enjoy it...even tried to sing along with some of the patriotic songs. :)