Friday, August 27, 2010

Terry has had 2 wonderful days!  That's not to say he hasn't had some pain.  But, he has talked...just a word here and there, but we'll take it!

He has been so alert!  Something we haven't seen in a while.  His appetite has improved, as well.  Prayers are being answered!

This morning he was singing again!  That's the first time since May when he was in the hospital.  Some of you know one of our favorite songs is "Welcome To My World" by Jim Reeves.  Terry sang it to me when we were dating, and we've been singing it together ever since.  (Kids really loved that on trips in the car!)  So I sing it to him now and when he tries to sing back it's just pure joy!  All day he's been humming it!

Since the temperature has cooled down some this week William has been taking him on walks again.  He loves that!

Thanks again for all the prayers and the posts on Facebook. 

I appreciate all of you so much!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a quick note...we've put Hospice on hold for a while.  He qualifies to stay with Home Health, so we'll stay with them as long as we can.  Thanks Theresa, Lesley and Carla for all you do.  We appreciate you!
Last week was very busy!  Terry had an appointment with his Neurologist to discuss the results of his EEG.  Good news...he's not having any seizure activity!  She gave him a muscle relaxer, hopefully to help with his arms and legs.  So far I can't tell a difference, but maybe soon it will help. 

He also saw his Cardiologist, said he doing fine in that area. Nice to hear. :)

Then on Monday of this week he had a bone scan.  That was a day out, again.  He did fine.  Let you know when we get the results of that.

And last night he had another sleep study.  Thanks Kim for all of your help!  You're the greatest!
Terry slept very well and looked rested this morning.

There are 5 pictures below so take a look.  He's so cute!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Last week Terry didn't feel well most of the time.  He had trouble sleeping.  Had a couple of issues that are taken care of, we hope.

Now, on to the new week!   Boy, are we ready for it!  This one will be better for him!  We start the week off with an appointment tomorrow....neurologist, I think.  (sitting up in bed typing, don't want to get up and go check :), well, it IS Sunday afternoon)

He'll enjoy getting out!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wow!  What a day!  Terry had an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Dallas on Friday.  We were waiting outside for our bus at 5:50 am!  That was a challenge!  But we made it!

We took the Access bus (picks us up at home) to a commuter bus that took us downtown Dallas.  From there we rode a train to the VA center.

We were both exhausted from such a long day.  Terry was in his chair all day!  He had several naps, tilted back.

But it was a GREAT day!  We ate breakfast out....first time in months!  That's one of our favorite things to do.  We had a very nice breakfast in the VA cafeteria.  Spent the day around military people...always a pleasure.

After the appointment we had some time, so we sat and rested with a big bag of fresh popcorn!  Yum!

The VA center is like a small city!  There are shops everywhere you turn and a food court!  We enjoyed spending some time in the BX.

After catching the train back downtown we walked around a little, went to a Chipotle restaurant to cool off and have lunch before boarding the commuter bus back to Denton.

It was nice to sightsee as we rode, something I've missed since I started doing all the driving.

Be sure to check out the photos of Terry below.  There are 8 new ones.