Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wow!  What a day!  Terry had an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Dallas on Friday.  We were waiting outside for our bus at 5:50 am!  That was a challenge!  But we made it!

We took the Access bus (picks us up at home) to a commuter bus that took us downtown Dallas.  From there we rode a train to the VA center.

We were both exhausted from such a long day.  Terry was in his chair all day!  He had several naps, tilted back.

But it was a GREAT day!  We ate breakfast out....first time in months!  That's one of our favorite things to do.  We had a very nice breakfast in the VA cafeteria.  Spent the day around military people...always a pleasure.

After the appointment we had some time, so we sat and rested with a big bag of fresh popcorn!  Yum!

The VA center is like a small city!  There are shops everywhere you turn and a food court!  We enjoyed spending some time in the BX.

After catching the train back downtown we walked around a little, went to a Chipotle restaurant to cool off and have lunch before boarding the commuter bus back to Denton.

It was nice to sightsee as we rode, something I've missed since I started doing all the driving.

Be sure to check out the photos of Terry below.  There are 8 new ones.

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