Friday, August 27, 2010

Terry has had 2 wonderful days!  That's not to say he hasn't had some pain.  But, he has talked...just a word here and there, but we'll take it!

He has been so alert!  Something we haven't seen in a while.  His appetite has improved, as well.  Prayers are being answered!

This morning he was singing again!  That's the first time since May when he was in the hospital.  Some of you know one of our favorite songs is "Welcome To My World" by Jim Reeves.  Terry sang it to me when we were dating, and we've been singing it together ever since.  (Kids really loved that on trips in the car!)  So I sing it to him now and when he tries to sing back it's just pure joy!  All day he's been humming it!

Since the temperature has cooled down some this week William has been taking him on walks again.  He loves that!

Thanks again for all the prayers and the posts on Facebook. 

I appreciate all of you so much!

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  1. Deborah, it just puts Joy in my heart when I hear he is doing so good...Like u say any little sign of goodness is so Great for us all....Mom said she talked to u today and he wasn't eating or drinking...I so hope and pray he does tomorrow for you....all my love Cindy