Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last week Terry didn't feel well most of the time.  He had trouble sleeping.  Had a couple of issues that are taken care of, we hope.

Now, on to the new week!   Boy, are we ready for it!  This one will be better for him!  We start the week off with an appointment tomorrow....neurologist, I think.  (sitting up in bed typing, don't want to get up and go check :), well, it IS Sunday afternoon)

He'll enjoy getting out!

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  1. Hey Deb, How did the appointment go? I am sure you both enjoyed going out!! I try to keep up with your comments since I don't call all the time but I do enjoy hearing from you either way. Did William get off....I would really love for me and Frank to go snow skiing ...if we do i will certainly get in contact with him...Love to all give Terry many hugs and kisses for me ...Talk soon Love Cindy