Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last week was very busy!  Terry had an appointment with his Neurologist to discuss the results of his EEG.  Good news...he's not having any seizure activity!  She gave him a muscle relaxer, hopefully to help with his arms and legs.  So far I can't tell a difference, but maybe soon it will help. 

He also saw his Cardiologist, said he doing fine in that area. Nice to hear. :)

Then on Monday of this week he had a bone scan.  That was a day out, again.  He did fine.  Let you know when we get the results of that.

And last night he had another sleep study.  Thanks Kim for all of your help!  You're the greatest!
Terry slept very well and looked rested this morning.

There are 5 pictures below so take a look.  He's so cute!

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