Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, I'm happy to report we're seeing improvement!  It's like another awakening!  Terry has been eating a little every day for almost a week.  It started with a bite of chocolate one day, then a deviled egg on Emily's birthday.  Wednesday he ate half a cheeseburger and drank part of a coke.  Yesterday he ate Chick-fil-a nuggets and a smalll coke!  Last night he had a few bites of a hot dog.  Then this morning he ate egg, grits, bacon, juice and coffee!!!!

And when Theresa, the aid that helps with him, came he said "Good Morning" to her!!  That's the first words in months! 

Prayers are answered once again!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm thankful to be thankful.  Please bear with me as I put in words what's on my heart...I'm thankful that "woe is me" moments are few and far between.  I'm thankful to wake up next to Terry every morning.  I'm thankful to feel love for him every day.  I'm thankful for mornings, when I wake up refreshed, ready to take on a new day, mentally and emotionally, even when my body aches and says stay in bed! 

I'm most thankful that Christ lives in me...without Him none of this would be possible.  His love sustains me.  I am indeed blessed beyond measure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things are going smoothly for Terry....he's content.  Unfortunately he's stopped talking completely.  He occasionally gives us a slight smile, nods or shakes his head.  Otherwise he's quiet. 

Sunday, Oct 9, we celebrated 6 years since the day he went in the hospital when they found the cancer on his brain!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These past few weeks have been uneventful...Terry has been very quiet.  He's reverted back to the way he was before April.  It's sad to see, but I'm just so thankful we had a few weeks with him talking, aware of things.

A couple of weeks ago I had Terry in the lift (it's like a swing) and was singing to him.  He was trying to move his mouth, so I videoed him, hoping he would sing.  He didn't.  Just yesterday I was watching the video and at the end I told him I loved him and asked if he still loved me...I tease with him often...and he said "yep!"  I had not remembered that he did that!  What a thrill to hear!  And it's recorded!

He's no more alert, but I still believe he's more aware.

He loves getting out and riding around in the van!  His chair fits in the front, now, so he can see everything!  He doesn't last but a couple of hours out, but I try to take him often.  Saturday we went to a movie.  It seems there's always a doctor appointment to go to!  And, of course, we try to make it to Church on Sunday.  Most of the time he makes it through the worship service. 

I'll add a few pictures of him.  He looks great!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our trip to Georgia was far as the reunion goes.  We were able to see cousins, aunts and uncles we hadn't seen in years...some 40 years!  We saw the place where our house once stood when we lived there.  (A very special neighbors house was still there.)  We also saw where our brother and grandparents were buried.  Three of my sisters were there...Jennie, of course, who now lives with us, Theresa, with her family, from Alabama and Pam, our baby sister from SC, with her caretaker, Doris. 

I was sad that my family there in Georgia never got to know Terry as he was.

The trip was very hard on Terry.  He was very uncomfortable after we left Georgia, so we stopped in Alabama for two nights so he could sleep a whole day.  Then we took two more days to drive home so he wouldn't have to stay up so long.

I had already started feeding him through his feeding tube some before we left, now it's all the time.  Today, however he did eat a few bites of food.

He's been in bed most of the this past week, just getting up a few minutes at a time.  He does seem to be getting a little stronger, but slowly.  Hopefully, I'll have better news to report in a few days.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terry is staying about the same...  He's eating part of the time, but still have to give him liquid food through his feeding tube some. 
He has leg braces now to help extend his legs.  We'll just use them a few minutes each day and build up to a couple of hours.  He didn't seem to mind them at all. 

Yesterday I got him to say "Good Morning"  after much prompting.  So far today, not a word.

We're off to Georgia for a family reunion tomorrow!  The second time for me in 40 years!  I'm anxious to see extended family again!  Two of my sisters will be there, also!

I wish the Sheltons (my Dad's people) could have known Terry before...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Please keep Terry in your prayers.  We're not seeing much improvement this week.  He's still not using his hands or talking.  We're ready for a turn around!  He was doing so well.  I guess it takes a while for any of us to build back strength after being sick, so we should expect it will take longer for him...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terry seems to feel much better.  However, he's not talking or using his hands.  It's so sad to see this again, but we're still hopeful he'll begin to improve.  So, for now, I'm thankful he's no longer sick. 

We started off the week with Church...actually made it to the early service...8:30am!  Afterwards lunch at Cracker Barrel, then a long nap!  We went out several times during the week, each time he seemed to enjoy just looking around...he especially likes crossing the lake!  There's a huge one just south of us that we cross on the way to Dallas, and we drove to Dallas twice this week.

I'm on the phone with a friend and she wanted to tell Terry "Good Morning", so I put her on speaker and when she said it Terry responded with "Good Morning"!  The first time in days!!!

We're going to see Captain America this afternoon....taking our grandsons. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another slow week for Terry...he's really having a hard time getting over this.  He started a new antiobiotic yesterday, so hopefully we'll begin to see some real improvement.

He's been very quiet, hasn't fed himself, spoken only a word or two here and there.  However, he slept well last night so I'm expecting a great day for him today! 

We've been in all week, so we'll keep staying in out of the heat (over 100 everyday!) and let him build his strength back up. 

Please keep him in your prayers, as always.  We appreciate each of you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Terry is still feeling under the weather...has a cold, or allergies.  He rested a lot this past week.  Although we did keep up with the therapy.  I do believe he's getting a little better.  He had chicken soup a couple of times and lots of sleep! 

This evening we stayed home and watched fireworks on tv.  That was a first!  But he did seem to enjoy it...even tried to sing along with some of the patriotic songs. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This past week was busy!  Terry made progress with his body strength, sitting alone longer.  We're still having a lot of difficulty with his legs.  It'll be a long journey getting them straight, I think.  Some days he seems to really try, others not so much.  He hasn't felt great this week, slept a lot, very quiet.

He loves to go but it really tires him out.  I took him out for breakfast yesterday and he didn't speak the entire time.  After, we drove around looking at houses.  He was so quiet!

This morning we went to worship service, out to lunch and he's back in bed.  Maybe it's the has been around 100 every day!  Anyway, please keep him in your prayers.  He's still making progress, just a little each day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yesterday was the best OT visit so far!  Terry responded almost immediately on every request!  Usually it takes a few minutes for him to toss a ball...yesterday he was actually catching it, too!  When Brandy placed the arm pedals in front of him he just reached up and started pedaling!  Before it's taken several minutes just to get his hands in position!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Terry's visit from the Physical Therapist was great today!  Eric usually has him sitting on the side of the bed, trying to improve his body core strength and balance.  While he was sitting up today Eric had him moving in a circle, just letting go and gently nudging him around.  Terry said, "You'd think I'd been drinking!"

He was holding a ball in his hands, not sure the purpose of that, but Eric asked him if he was taking his ball and going home, to which he replied, "No one will play with me!"

Later Eric asked him to straighten his arm for the blood pressure cuff and Terry said he had a certain level of resistance in his arm!

I'm sure this sounds silly, but to us it's phenomenal!

Oh, and after Eric put him back in bed he had Terry hold the trapeze and help us pull him up in bed!  That's a first!
Wow!  What a great start to the day!  I gave Terry his coffee in a cup with a lid and straw.  He drank part of it and then reached for my mug.  I said, "You have coffee right here", touching his cup and he replied, "It's cold." and reached for my mug.  I poured most of the coffee into another cup and gave him the mug.  He made several attempts to drink it (about an inch deep) and put it down saying, "It's a waste of time!".  I asked if it was because there wasn't much in it and he said yes, so I gave him the mug that was almost full!  Yikes!  I'd already gotten him up twice this morning (dressing him both times!).  I just didn't want him to spill coffee all over himself!  But, I let him try it.  He did it!  He held the mug and drank all of it by himself!!!!!!!  This is huge!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Terry's electric wheelchair was delivered today!  Talk about your Cadillac!  It has controls on the arm as well as on the back.  He's already fiddling with the controls and pushing buttons!  The man that delivered it showed him how to push the "joy" stick and he took off!  We had to stop it by turning off the power.  I have a feeling it won't be long before he'll understand how to use it.  Until then I'll work the controls (that is after I figure out how!)  Isaac and David where are you?!  It's like working a video game!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Terry is improving every day!  We had a trapeze put on his bed, so he can eventually pull up on it.  At first he couldn't reach high enough to hold  it, then Tuesday he attempted a chin up!  He reaches up and holds on to it with both hands!  Hopefully it won't be long before he's lifting himself.

We're still working on getting his legs completely straight, learning to sit up again, reaching for things, just anything to help with coordination and balance.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Terry had a great day yesterday!  He's making progress with therapy, feeding himself, talking more and more!  He talked on the phone with his Mom and sister (Tina).

This morning he was sitting in the back door looking out and I asked if he saw Tyler.  He said, "He's laying by that wall (fence) in the sun getting warm."  Uh, guess I keep it so cold in here even the dog has to go outside to warm up!

Terry told me what he wanted for breakfast, even how he wanted his eggs cooked!  He saw a bag of grapes on the counter and said "Dave will take care of those!"  (that's our grandson and he can eat a whole bag of grapes!)
That shows so much improvement in his thought processes!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eating a breakfast biscuit, a rare treat.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Terry was eating his oatmeal this morning, with lots of raisins!  He dragged raisins into a pile and picked up a spoonful (took about 20 minutes to do that!) and ate them!  A few minutes later I noticed he had switched hands and was eating left handed!  That's never happened before!

This afternoon he was working with his Occupational Therapist and she was having him throw a ball to her.  I was standing there watching and he said, "Deborah, don't you want to take a picture of me?"  So, of course I grabbed the camera and clicked away!  Another amazing day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

About 4am this morning Terry called my name!  When I answered him he said, "Will you help me get out of this bed?"!  I turned him and talk to him a few minutes.  I think he just needed to move.  He went right back to sleep.

It's so exciting to hear him talk like that!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here is a post I wrote May 18.  Can't remember why I didn't post it, probably wanted to write more.  But I'll post it now...

Well, I want to take a few minutes and try to share some of the things Terry has done in the last six weeks.  I know I'll miss a lot, but just to give you an idea of how much he's improved!

The first major change was eating.  When we left for Charlotte he was still getting his nutrition from the tube feedings.  On the way I had the pump running feeding him during the day.  While we were there it was the same for the first week or so.  Then he started eating.  It was like turning a switch.  He wanted whatever I was eating, and so I shared my meals with him.  It wasn't long before I stopped feeding him through his tube because he was eating enough food!

The second major change was speaking.  He just started responding to being spoken to.  When asked how he was, he would answer and ask how are you?!  While we were in Charlotte he spoke here and there, enough that everyone was trying to get him to talk just so they could hear his voice.  The last day we were there he talked to everyone!

After we got to Mississippi he was quiet for a couple of days then started talking again.

We arrived there on Friday evening.  On Sunday afternoon my sister Theresa came down from Alabama.  When she walked in the door he spoke to her!  They've called each other Ralph and George for years and he say "Hey George".  First of all I was surprised to hear him speak without being asked a question, and I was really surprised that he recognized her!

All along I've talked to him just as though he understood me and could answer.  I always ask him what he wants to do, go, watch on tv, etc.  Of course I was accustomed to getting no response and making every decision for him.  Just imagine how I felt when he started answering me!  When I asked if he wanted to sit on the balcony or walk down to the beach and got an answer it was wonderful!

When I give him choices for a meal he can tell me what he prefers!  If he's thirsty he'll say "You got any coffee? or coke?" or whatever he wants!

He makes jokes!  Rolls his eyes!  Smirks!  Raises his eyebrows!

Tonight I was putting him to bed and was about to move him from the wheelchair to the bed with the lift.  I hooked up the sling and had the control in my hand.  He said, "Give it here."  So, I handed it to him.  He tried to push the button but he couldn't, so finally I pushed it while he held it.  After I got him up and over the bed, I showed him the down button and he pushed it!!!!!!
Yesterday (Saturday) the power went out for a few hours.  Terry was sleeping, so I took advantage and took a nap, also.  When I woke up he was watching me and I ask if I was snoring.  He said, "Sorta".  Don't know how you sorta snore, but wasn't that sweet?  That's my husband! the master of tact and diplomacy!

This morning at Church he sang!  We were standing for a song and I heard him singing!  I wish I could have videoed him!  He did the same one other time, but this time he sang more.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Terry is fighting another urinary tract infection so he's been a little quiet this week.  He has still made improvements, however.

We have Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy working with him again.  He has a long way to go but he rreally works hard!

This week I gave him a page with shapes and stickers to match. He was able to match them!  Of course, it took a while, but he did it!  He makes jokes, shakes hands, eats anything and everything!  He reads! He even signed his name one day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

We've been home from Mississippi 2 weeks already!  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update on here.  My excuse is I'm too busy enjoying watching Terry grow!  It's like watching a toddler learn new things every day!

There is so much to report about him.  I'll try to get my thoughts in order and post often.  But first I wanted to show some pictures from our trip.  I've tried to put them in order as you scroll down, which is opposite for posting.  There are quite a few so be sure to click on "Older Posts" to see them.  It was hard to choose....I took over 700 I didn't post them all!

If anyone that came to see us has pictures that you want to put on here just email them to me and I will post them.