Monday, June 13, 2011

Terry's visit from the Physical Therapist was great today!  Eric usually has him sitting on the side of the bed, trying to improve his body core strength and balance.  While he was sitting up today Eric had him moving in a circle, just letting go and gently nudging him around.  Terry said, "You'd think I'd been drinking!"

He was holding a ball in his hands, not sure the purpose of that, but Eric asked him if he was taking his ball and going home, to which he replied, "No one will play with me!"

Later Eric asked him to straighten his arm for the blood pressure cuff and Terry said he had a certain level of resistance in his arm!

I'm sure this sounds silly, but to us it's phenomenal!

Oh, and after Eric put him back in bed he had Terry hold the trapeze and help us pull him up in bed!  That's a first!

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