Friday, June 10, 2011

Terry's electric wheelchair was delivered today!  Talk about your Cadillac!  It has controls on the arm as well as on the back.  He's already fiddling with the controls and pushing buttons!  The man that delivered it showed him how to push the "joy" stick and he took off!  We had to stop it by turning off the power.  I have a feeling it won't be long before he'll understand how to use it.  Until then I'll work the controls (that is after I figure out how!)  Isaac and David where are you?!  It's like working a video game!

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  1. Oh my I can see him now...he will be racing Emily on the sidewalks. Deborah This whole family has been so blessed...I jsut don't know what to say. I praise God for all the improvements Terry has made and This also could not have happened without you. You have been with him for years when doctors,the VA. ,therpist gave up and you didn't ... you stayed by his side day in and day out never leaving him and this is all also a miracle.Dad knew he would talk again..he told mom that before he passed away.THE ANDY SHAW LEGACY LIVES ON!!God bless you Terry and I am going to call you tomorrow and see if you can remember who I am...I sure hope you can..Love Cindy