Sunday, June 26, 2011

This past week was busy!  Terry made progress with his body strength, sitting alone longer.  We're still having a lot of difficulty with his legs.  It'll be a long journey getting them straight, I think.  Some days he seems to really try, others not so much.  He hasn't felt great this week, slept a lot, very quiet.

He loves to go but it really tires him out.  I took him out for breakfast yesterday and he didn't speak the entire time.  After, we drove around looking at houses.  He was so quiet!

This morning we went to worship service, out to lunch and he's back in bed.  Maybe it's the has been around 100 every day!  Anyway, please keep him in your prayers.  He's still making progress, just a little each day!

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  1. I guess it could be the heat, that is extremely Hot. I know we all went to the Hospice cook out in Albemarle at 5:30 and it was terrible. I certainly hope everything else is ok.Will be praying for you both. Tell him his sister Cindy Shaw said hello and I love him. Take Care Deborah..tell Jeannie I said hey.Love ya Cindy