Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yesterday was the best OT visit so far!  Terry responded almost immediately on every request!  Usually it takes a few minutes for him to toss a ball...yesterday he was actually catching it, too!  When Brandy placed the arm pedals in front of him he just reached up and started pedaling!  Before it's taken several minutes just to get his hands in position!


  1. Look at those hands ...seeing them out of his lap is astonishing!!! Go Terry...Thanks Deborah for all you do..You are both so loved!

  2. Today is August 30th. Terry, I see you in this picture and this is what I hope to see again real soon. Get all the beauty rest you need, eat all the food you want, drink all the soda, and eat all the chocolate you want ...b/c I want to see you get back to your old.....self. Love you ...Your sister, Cindy Shaw