Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm thankful to be thankful.  Please bear with me as I put in words what's on my heart...I'm thankful that "woe is me" moments are few and far between.  I'm thankful to wake up next to Terry every morning.  I'm thankful to feel love for him every day.  I'm thankful for mornings, when I wake up refreshed, ready to take on a new day, mentally and emotionally, even when my body aches and says stay in bed! 

I'm most thankful that Christ lives in me...without Him none of this would be possible.  His love sustains me.  I am indeed blessed beyond measure.

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  1. You are Truly a admired wife, and sister-in-law to me. Deborah you are one of a kind and I am so glad that Terry has you. You both mean so much to me and I just hate your so far away. I wish I could help you out some how. But you have it all under control and your right God is so good. Without him ...I feel things would be different. Just to say you are blessed to wake up next to him and help him in every way even when things look so bleaked you keep going and going and I know God is pleased. I also am very Blessed and I want to say having you for a sister is one of them ..Thanks again Deborah. Love ya