Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here is a post I wrote May 18.  Can't remember why I didn't post it, probably wanted to write more.  But I'll post it now...

Well, I want to take a few minutes and try to share some of the things Terry has done in the last six weeks.  I know I'll miss a lot, but just to give you an idea of how much he's improved!

The first major change was eating.  When we left for Charlotte he was still getting his nutrition from the tube feedings.  On the way I had the pump running feeding him during the day.  While we were there it was the same for the first week or so.  Then he started eating.  It was like turning a switch.  He wanted whatever I was eating, and so I shared my meals with him.  It wasn't long before I stopped feeding him through his tube because he was eating enough food!

The second major change was speaking.  He just started responding to being spoken to.  When asked how he was, he would answer and ask how are you?!  While we were in Charlotte he spoke here and there, enough that everyone was trying to get him to talk just so they could hear his voice.  The last day we were there he talked to everyone!

After we got to Mississippi he was quiet for a couple of days then started talking again.

We arrived there on Friday evening.  On Sunday afternoon my sister Theresa came down from Alabama.  When she walked in the door he spoke to her!  They've called each other Ralph and George for years and he say "Hey George".  First of all I was surprised to hear him speak without being asked a question, and I was really surprised that he recognized her!

All along I've talked to him just as though he understood me and could answer.  I always ask him what he wants to do, go, watch on tv, etc.  Of course I was accustomed to getting no response and making every decision for him.  Just imagine how I felt when he started answering me!  When I asked if he wanted to sit on the balcony or walk down to the beach and got an answer it was wonderful!

When I give him choices for a meal he can tell me what he prefers!  If he's thirsty he'll say "You got any coffee? or coke?" or whatever he wants!

He makes jokes!  Rolls his eyes!  Smirks!  Raises his eyebrows!

Tonight I was putting him to bed and was about to move him from the wheelchair to the bed with the lift.  I hooked up the sling and had the control in my hand.  He said, "Give it here."  So, I handed it to him.  He tried to push the button but he couldn't, so finally I pushed it while he held it.  After I got him up and over the bed, I showed him the down button and he pushed it!!!!!!

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  1. WoWEEEE. So amazing. I am so happy about all these new things Terry is doing. Deborah are you getting to where Terry might be able to hold a crayon and color? I remmeber when you used to work with him on that ...So glad of his improvements..Will continue to pray for you both. Thanks Deborah for writing this Blog and letting us be able to read about you both.