Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, I'm happy to report we're seeing improvement!  It's like another awakening!  Terry has been eating a little every day for almost a week.  It started with a bite of chocolate one day, then a deviled egg on Emily's birthday.  Wednesday he ate half a cheeseburger and drank part of a coke.  Yesterday he ate Chick-fil-a nuggets and a smalll coke!  Last night he had a few bites of a hot dog.  Then this morning he ate egg, grits, bacon, juice and coffee!!!!

And when Theresa, the aid that helps with him, came he said "Good Morning" to her!!  That's the first words in months! 

Prayers are answered once again!

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  1. AWESOME!!!! What a Happy Christmas this will be!! I am so glad..PPPllleeasseee Terry keep improving. I love hearing good reports. Hope your all doing good. The pictures of Emily are so good. Never hear from William..sure would love to hear how he is...We are all doing great, working is about all we do. Love to all and keep us posted!!