Friday, September 3, 2010

The good news on the last post was short lived.  Terry stopped talking again and really hasn't felt well this week.

However we did get some good news; the bone scan was normal and he had an MRI of his brain and it showed no change.

But we found out today he has a staph infection in his bladder. :(  Poor guy just can't catch a break!  It's no wonder he's felt so bad.  He's now on 2 antibiotics for the next 2 weeks.  We hope and pray they do the job or else he'll have to go in the hospital.

He hasn't been eating and drinking enough the last few days.  Hopefully that'll change as the antibiotics start to work.

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  1. It seems like he is really having it tough. Been going to moms and dads and watching the old family videos!!! Some I have never seen before. David was a infant, the only time I saw them so young...My where has time gone. Thanks for calling me about Terry. I know you did all you could do, but thank God for hospitals too! I know they will help also. Hopefully you both will be able to get back home soon. But you let those nurses help and you get some rest too...Keep in touch..your both in my thoughts and prayers. Love to all Cindy