Sunday, September 12, 2010

The last couple of days have been very quiet for Terry.  He's rested a lot.  He looks great!  And he's still saying a few words here and there.

Today we took a stroll around the hospital.  There are lots of pictures of nature, lakes, trees, flowers, etc. hanging in the halls.  He really enjoys looking at those.  We didn't go outside today, just sat and looked out.

His body is tolerating the tube feedings rather well.  His potasium level is low...they're working on correcting that.  He's not pain free, but is dealing with a lot less!

Again, we appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes.  Please keep praying....

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  1. WONDERFUL NEWSDEBORAH!!! Sure is good to hear from you. Let me know when you may be leaving the hospital..I'll send card to your home...Love ya lots.