Monday, September 6, 2010

Terry has been in the hospital since Saturday.  Over about a 4 day period he gradually stopped eating and drinking.  He has a bladder infection and because he wasn't swallowing at all, I was unable to get his antibiotic in him.  So, after calling his nurse and the nurse talking to the doctor, here we are.

It's Monday and after being on an IV with nutrients, his antibiotic and some extra pain meds, he's resting well.  He's more aware today, also.  He even returned a kiss this morning!

We've had a lot of difficulty getting him to eat and drink enough and he's lost a lot of weight.  He may need a feeding tube.  Please help us pray about this decision.

We'll probably be here several days.  I'll try to post daily to keep you all updated.

Thank you all so much for the many, many prayers!

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  1. How wonderful that KISS was I'm sure!!!!! Good for you both. He has just been so sick , he couldn't respond to you...Hey Deb, is there any way you can record you and him singing your song together? I would really like to have a copy of is so beautiful. Prayers are continuing your way, for I have also contacted all Franks family and they are all prayer warriors!!!! We know you both are comforted and have peace with the Lord. Thanks for the wonderful wife and sis-in-law you are...Love you Cindy