Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terry has done fairly well today, a little more discomfort than yesterday.  Shannon spent the morning with us and he watched her a lot.

This afternoon he told his Mom, "I love you too"!  He has spoken several times today and nodded to questions.  Little things we are thrilled to see!

He had a busy day!  As I said, Shannon spent the morning.  2 men from Church visited, Emily came this afternoon, then Shannon, Bryan, Isaac and David came this evening (brought dinner! yum!)

Isaac sang to him some, then David, then all of us.  He really seems to enjoy singing. 

Right now he's in pain.  :(  Trying to get it under control.  Thank you all for the prayers.  As you see, they are being answered.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 he's supposed to have a feeding tube put in his stomach.  It sounds terrible, but I really think it's a good thing.  He will finally get the nutrition he needs.  We have struggled for a long time to get enough food in him and it was a losing battle.  Hopefully this will enable him to build his strength and feel better.

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