Monday, September 6, 2010

As I said to Shirley (Terry's Mom) recently, Terry has good days and GREAT days!  Today was a GREAT day!

He has been relaxed, slept well, was alert when he was awake, watched a little tv, had no pain medicine at all!

He has returned lots of kisses!  Even kissed Shannon on the cheek! :)

And he spoke 2 words!  Prayers are being answered!

We were visited today by Jordan Lyons!  Some of you know him, probably all of you either know or have heard me speak of Hillie, one of my best friends in Germany.  Well, Jordan is her youngest son!  He's moving to Denton, so we'll be seeing lots more of him!

10 (yes 10!) new pictures below.  It looks like several repeats, but they are each a little different.  All were taken today, Monday.

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  1. WONDERFUL PICTURES !!! Need to get some with you too Deb. Thanks for these pics and all you do .... Prayers are pouring out all over ...God Bless to you all!! Love Cindy