Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Sunday evening and Terry has had a very good day!  He's been up this afternoon, watching a movie.

We had a nice visit from Marc Guinness from FL!  He's working out of Oklahoma City for a couple of weeks.  Thanks for driving down Marc!

Well, it's time to ask for prayers for us, Terry's family.  (of course I know many of you pray for us all the time)

Home Health told us they can only keep him in their care for 2 more months.  So we have decided to interview Hospice groups and choose one for Terry.  Please pray that a good match is made in this.  I know so often personalities play such a big part in caring for someone, so we are asking for a group that will be kind to Terry and encouraging.  Hopefully they will have answers to pain management for him so he can have many more pleasant days.

We are trying to dwell on the fact that he may have better care and less pain.

Thank you Tom and TyJuana for your encouragement regarding this decision.  I appreciate you both so much.

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  1. Thanks for posting Deb. Mom came by and told me today. It is just hard to think about it but I know God has a plan. I feel like you and the children have all just let the Lord show you what is best for him and you. I so hope someone can really help him with his pain. The pic. of Terry in his chair is so conforting to see. He looks like he is his old self!!!Love to all Cindy