Monday, July 5, 2010

The last few days have been very quiet. I can't remember Terry saying anything.  He seems fine, otherwise. In fact he slept so peacefully last night.  He never showed any sign of pain, usually he does throughout the night.  I was hoping he would be very alert today; but he isn't. :(

Yesterday evening we took him to see fireworks.  It's so sweet, what used to be for the kids, the kids now do for him.  He never took his eyes off the fireworks, either!  Very worthwhile making the effort to get him there.  Isaac and David went along, also.  So, it was Emily, William, Isaac, David, Terry and me.

Emily posted pictures on Facebook, and I will put some on here soon.


  1. I am so glad Terry is getting out and so thankful that the kids are helping get him out. I bet it was fun at the fireworks, one of his favorite things to do if I remember correctly.
    But, hey! He did "chat" with me on the 1st. He said "Hey George." He also said "I love you too." when I told him I loved him.
    That made me smile the rest of the day:)
    I am thankful for each new day and any and all accomplishments he makes and I know you are also.
    I love you all.

  2. Thanks for the pictures Deb. I look forward to seeing if you have new ones and writings often. He sure does look like hisself in the picture that you both are in,the movie. How are the grandpuppies? Does Terry watch them very much? Well I hope that his sleep study comes back good ...have you found out anything about his pain management program? Just jusst kills me to see him in are all loved so much. Tell everyone I said hello....Deborah ...thanks all you do !!! Sending Prayers, Peace, and Comfort to each of you. Love Cindy