Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June already?!  Where does the time go???  Terry is still very quiet, has been since we came home.  He says a couple of things each day, but not enough.  William is taking him for walks daily, which he seems to really enjoy. 

Well, he was not accepted in rehab.  He's just too weak and can't respond when asked to do things.  I understand, but still,disappointed.  William and I are going to stand him every day and have him take a few steps.  Consistency is the key, or so we believe.  So far, so good.  

 Tomorrow he has an appointment with the Urologist and preop at the hospital to get ready for a cystoscope of his baldder, which is next week.  Then in the evening we're going to see Emily in "Poseiden: An Upside Down Musical".  It's going to be a busy day! 

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