Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday...ahhhhhh.  We slept late, had a nice breakfast, then Terry's back down for a nap. 

Thursday we went to the Urologist, Terry has a urinary tract infection, again!  Afterward, across the street to the hospital for preop.  He's ready for the bladder scope on Monday.

We made it to the musical that evening.  Terry only lasted a little past intermission.  He was hurting; moaning loudly.  Just wish we knew what's hurting, when he hurts.  When we got back in the van he fell asleep immediately.  I couldn't see his face during the show, but the director could and said he smiled several times when Emily was speaking, singing, or dancing.  Just not sure if he'll remember it.  I forgot to take pictures!  I'm so disappointed that I didn't take at least one of him sitting there, so if he asks I could show him. :(

Thursday really exhausted him and he slept most of Friday. Today is much better.  He was very alert this morning.  Time to get him back up and ready for a walk!

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  1. Deb, you are really doing a great job on this blog...I am so proud of all of you !!! I thank all of you working so hard and doing everything possible for Terry. You all are loved so much Cindy