Friday, January 29, 2010

A great day!

Today I decided to start a blog about Terry. I know there are many friends and family that would like to know how he's doing. Talking to everyone on a regular basis just isn't possible, so I decided to post reports about him here.

You've probably noticed that I don't mention him on facebook, I'm just not comfortable with such a public arena discussing him.

So, here we are! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I welcome the interest in him.

To start off: Today was a great day for him and me! He was able to converse today. That is a major improvement (however temporary it may be) over the last couple of weeks. Just yesterday he hardly responded at all. Days like today make everything so worth while!...just to get a glimpse of "Terry"! He's pretty much bedridden now. He can get up with help, walk a little with a walker and help. The kids were here for supper and he joked with them when they went in to see him.

He is in no pain, and is very content. Today he told me he wants to take a trip, so he's still dreaming!

Do keep him in your prayers. He has a bladder scope on Monday, Feb 1. This is to be sure the cancer is gone. He'll be in the hospital for the day, outpatient. I'm sure that will set him back. So we really need prayers for next week. Hopefully by the second week he'll be back to where he is now.

I may not post every day, but I'll do my best.



  1. Will keep Terry, you and the kids in our thoughts and prayers. Keep posting...we'll keep praying. Love to you!

  2. we miss you all so much,keep in touch on terry and you all.