Thursday, October 7, 2010

Terry's been home over 2 weeks!  Time does indeed fly!  It has really been busy!  We got his bi-pap and it's taken him some time to get used to it.  We hardly slept for 3 nights in a row, but he seems to have settled in with it, now.  

Right now (and for the last several hours) he's sitting in his wheel chair watching me.  I've been working in the office all afternoon.  (It's actually our dining room turned into an office, so I can see him when he's in the living room in his recliner, also.)  Today, for the first time in a couple of months, he held his cup and drank from it by himself!  And he's been eating pretty well!

Thanks to everyone who sent him birthday wishes.  I'm not sure he actually understood what was going on.  We had a small party for him, just Shannon, Bryan and the boys, Emily and me.  He always seems to enjoy watching the kids while they're here.

There are 4 new pictures below to check out.

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