Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I'm just getting back to this!  I'm a list maker and every day writing on this blog is on the list!  :/ (sheepish grin)

Terry is still sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.  He's awake just a few minutes here and there.  We try to include him in as many things as we can.  I tried to keep him awake while opening his gifts.  He doesn't seem aware of things, for the most part.  It's sad, but we still get a glimpse of his personality every now and then.

Thought I'd share some pictures of our Christmas.

The weekend before Christmas Taylor, our oldest grandson spent the weekend at Bryan and Shannon's and they all came for breakfast.  Taylor brought his girlfriend, Molly. David loves his "alien head" in this first picture.  He may be the tallest but he's still our baby at 13!

Jennie, my oldest sister has been here since November 11 and will stay until February.

Tom and TyJuana were in OK visiting her mother, Violet, for Christmas and came down to spend a couple of hours with us the week after Christmas.  We were so glad they brought Violet to visit, also.  (They brought delicious barbque, too!)

Sorry to post so many pictures, you should just see the ones I didn't post!  They end with Isaac taking a nap in his Pa's bed. 

Oh, we bought a van just before Christmas and it has been sent to Indiana to be modified for Terry!  We are so thankful and excited!  Finally we'll be able to get out with him!  I can hardly wait!  It should be back the end of January or first of February.

Emily will be leaving us Sunday to begin training to be a yoga teacher.  She'll be gone during the week and home only on Saturdays for a month, maybe 6 weeks.  We'll miss her help!

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