Sunday, February 21, 2010

Terry sat on the side of the bed while I fed him breakfast this morning! I tried to get him up in a chair, but we didn't quite make it...maybe tomorrow.

Emily made a poster for his party (retirement, etc in 2008) about travel. It's a collage of lots of places around the world. He looks at it for hours! I lowered it to eye level for him today. I guess he traveled so much it really appeals to him. He'll ask me once in a while if I've seen something on it. I may make more collages and switch them out.

He asked me today where my Mom was. As far as I can remember that's the first time he's mentioned her since she died.

I ordered a machine to exercise his legs. I've wanted one for years, but just never bought it for myself. It's called the Exerciser 2000 Elite. You just lie down and put your ankles on it (I ordered a fuzzy cover for Terry) and it rocks back and forth to exercise your legs and hips. It's used in physical therapy. I've used it on him 3 times, just about 2 minutes each time. He doesn't really like it, but he's cooperating fairly well with it.

If anyone is reading this, please feel free to's lonely in here. :)

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