Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yesterday was the most difficult day we've had in a long time. Terry did not have his procedure. The anesthesiologist and urologist both determined he was not up to it, their biggest concern was that he wouldn't be able to cough to clear his airway after the surgery. He just wasn't responding to anything we asked him to do.

Getting him to the hospital was quite an ordeal! Most of the time he just won't say anything or do anything...stand up, lift his foot, take a step, etc. Emily helped me get him in the car (I was at my wits end and she came to the rescue!) We were an hour late getting there (no, not the reason for postponing it, they just took the next person and waited for us).

Everyone at the hospital was so nice and helpful. After getting him in and ready, then postponing, I asked if we could just stay and let him sleep for a while. They let us and Terry was a little better after he slept some. They put him back in the car for me and we headed for Sonic to get a cheeseburger, fries and a coke, his second favorite! (A hot dog is first!) We haven't been out for a burger in several weeks, so even though he didn't say, I know he enjoyed it. I fed him the fries while we drove. When we got home I got him out into the wheelchair and Emily (strong man, I mean woman :) ) practically lifted the wheel chair from the garage into the house. It's a step up. I can't pull it over without building a makeshift ramp. I fed him his cheeseburger then got him back in bed.

By the time we made it home, and I got him back in bed, I was just exhausted. (I left out quite a few details, frustration, tears, pain from trying to lift, etc. Difficult day)

Bryan and the boys came over and cooked supper. Shannon cleaned up the dishes afterwards. That was such a treat! I was ready to open a can of soup and call it supper!

Terry was awake in the evening, so I fed him dinner and we shared the biggest piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen!

He still isn't talking...just waiting for another good day to share with my hubby.


ps (can you use ps on a blog?) I wish I had started this 4 years ago when he first got sick, instead of waiting until now when things seem so bleak. We've had some wonderful days through all of this, a lot of those spent with family and friends. I hope and pray we have many more.

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