Friday, March 19, 2010

Terry had an MRI on his brain this week as well as a full body PET scan. Results Monday....a little anxious. He is fighting some type of infection, we think. He's running a slight fever, saw some blood in his urine Wednesday and Thursday. Waiting for results of a culture. Please keep him in your prayers.

Today his right leg has really been hurting. The PT measured his knees and it's swollen a little. I've been keeping an ice pack on it. Don't know what's wrong. That's the leg that's bothered him all along.

Bright spot of the week...we had a visit from Tom and TyJuana! Tom got him in the wheel chair and took him to the living room to watch Avatar. He loved it! But today he doesn't remember it. :(

Hopefully next week he'll feel better. We should know what's wrong and get him on an antibiotic, if that's what he needs.

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