Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yesterday we went to the Oncologist. Terry had his port flushed, blood work, and results of MRI and PET Scan.

The PET Scan was fine, with a disclaimer: Because of his neurological decline there was limited cooperation and difficulty positioning him.

The MRI showed the scarring is stable (not changed). Great news!

However, there is a 5mm lesion in the front, left part of his brain. It's suspicious for cancer. It's too small to biopsy, so we'll wait and see if it changes.

We'll go back in May for another MRI.

Also, yesterday, we got new parts for Terry's bed, so it's fully electric. That's a big help!

I'm thinking of putting pictures on here of Terry. Any thoughts on that? I take a lot and some of them are cute and funny. He still has a lot of personality.

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  1. I think pics would be great. He looked good in the one you sent me the other day. I am glad the PET scan was good. I am praying about the 5mm lesion