Monday, May 17, 2010

The last post was actually about the 16th, Sunday.  Didn't realize it was so late when I posted.

Today started off kinda rough.  Terry was in a lot of pain.  But this afternoon he perked up some and talked with everyone.  Shirley, Andy, Cindy, William and Emily all were here. 

He had physical therapy for the first time today. They were very good with him, had him sitting on the side of the bed, even balancing by himself.  They had some great ideas of ways to work with him.  I'm hopeful...

The home health care nurse stopped by today to bring a lab report.  He has a bladder infection.  Poor guy just can't get a break!

Also, he has a new mattress!  Bright and early this morning his air mattress was delivered.  He seems to rest very well on it.

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