Monday, November 29, 2010

It's been almost a month since I wrote on here!  Nothing much has changed.  Terry still sleeps most of the time.  He's had a few rough days here and there, but overall he's pretty content.

My sister, Jennie, is visiting for 3 months.  She loves Terry Shaw!  She really likes helping take care of him.  She especially seems to like helping with the lift.  It's a lot harder than she thought it would be!

We took Terry for a walk a few days ago, look below for some new pictures.  Jennie wanted to push him in the chair, so I let her.  She made it about half a block.  He's quite heavy, even though he's lost weight.

Friday, yes, Black Friday, we took Terry to the mall.  We were there just for a few hours.  We started off having lunch at El Chico.  Delicious!  Our final stop was Barnes and Noble.  Jennie and I enjoyed a cappuccino while Terry napped off and on....more pictures.

And finally, I'm including a picture of Tyler, Emy's dog, watching Terry sleep.  He's so protective of him!

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