Saturday, November 6, 2010

There's really nothing new to report with Terry.  He still moans, otherwise he seems content.

If you all will indulge me, I'd like to get a little personal this morning...

Last night Terry was in his recliner sleeping off and on and I just kept watching shows that were recorded on the DVR, one right after the other. (I love it that I can fast forward through all those commercials!)  I was just too tired to get up and start the "getting to bed" routine.

Just about the time I decided to make myself get started Emily came home.  She helped me get Terry to bed.  Thank you Emily!  :) I came in the kitchen to say goodnight to her and saw the clock!  It was almost 2am!  Oh, well, Saturday's coming and I can sleep in.  Ha!

Well, I hooked up Terry's Bipap and crawled in bed, bone tired and weary.  Terry fought the machine for about 2 hours.  I tried to comfort him and he would fall asleep and wake up moaning.  Finally around 4 I took the mask off, turned him, and he fell alseep.  He woke up again around 6 and I turned him again.

Then around 7 I woke up wide awake!  He was just lying there, awake, quiet as a mouse.  He was on his back with his legs stretched out, relaxed.  That's a big deal because his limbs are all so stiff I can't even move them.   Well, he'd slept on his back for an hour or so, and I knew it would feel good to turn again, so I turned him on his side.

Then I snuggled up against his back...we call it scrunching...and all was right with the world.  You see, my favorite place in the whole world is snuggled up against my husbands back.  So, no matter how tired I get, how much he declines, the weariness of the whole situation, I'm so very grateful to be able to snuggle up one more time, and one more time, and one more time.

God has blessed me beyond measure with this man...


  1. Debra I loved it you are so right . There is nothing better than snuggling It makes the world feel right. I know in my heart Terry knows your there Love Ya both Doris

  2. Thanks for getting personal. It is such a special thing to be able to snuggle with the person you love the most. It somehow makes everything else much less important. You are so right God has blessed you beyond measure with this man....and I am so sorry I can't be there with you to help in this time of struggle. Remember that I love you both so very much.

  3. Deborah, here it goes again. Yes crying but they are all happy tears!!! I know there is one thing this Shaw family likes to do and it is to snuggle!!!! I love it. I am like that when I am snuggled up to the one you love ...all my problems just go away...Thank God he gives us different ways we can say I Love jsut touching. I am so glad that you are able to get some rest have very over whelming job. I regret every day I am not there helping. Sometimes I just don't know what I should do. But you are such a inspiring person and I know that you and Terry have a never ending bond. Thank-you so much for taking care of my are such a sis ter to me.. Please tell Terry I love him and I love you and I continue to pray for you all. Thanks Emily for posting this on your dad ..Love you girl!!

  4. Deborah, mom told me about your surgery. Hope all went well. Sorry I ahven't called but I just got home myself. I was keeping Madison and Mckenzie. Tessa and Keisha dad just had open heart and they have been at the hospital. He is having some complications...sure need your prayers too . Tell Jennie I said hello.; and will call soon..Love Cindy Take Care of yourself