Sunday, February 13, 2011

Terry had a great week!  He did a lot of little things that he hasn't been doing for some time!  Drinking from a straw, smiling, winked at Jennie!, nodding, shaking his head no, just little things, but huge for us!

He's been staying awake for hours!  That is so unusual!  We'll take all the improvements we can get!


  1. WOW Jennie you got the wonderful!!! If he would do that to me I think I would pass out. The last time I got to see Terry I don't think he knew who I was ...That is wonderful all are loved so much and I know you have the prayers coming in..Thank the Lord for his accomplisments!!!Love you all!

  2. Hey Deb, haven't heard from awhile. I know you know about dad...he is really a fighter also. Must run in the family. I just thank God he is with them both ...Hope you and Terry are doing good and we still plan on coming and seeing you all....please pray dad gets well ..I know he is trying so he can you you and Terry...Sometimes we fill like drs. just work fast enough...anyway keep us posted..I'll call you soon, Love Cindy