Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There hasn't been much to report lately....just daily routine.  We were home bound with the snow here for a week!  Yes, Terry got to watch it snow for a few minutes here and there.  He falls asleep after just two or three minutes, usually.  I even opened the door to let him feel the cold air and look out for a minute, a couple of times.  Snow is so beautiful and refreshing!

We continue to see glimpses of Terry...a nod here and there, a "no" head shake, taking a bite of food, Jennie even got a smile last Saturday!  It's amazing how much a little thing can make our day! 

We're going to the beach!  Before Terry stopped talking he asked to go to the beach.  So we're finally going!  We'll be spending April in Pass Christian, Mississippi.  I talk to him about it all the time.  We're counting down the weeks!  I believe all of his brothers and sisters may come to see him!  When I told him that he raised his eyebrows!  And of course Shirley and Andy (Terry's parents) will be there for a few days, as well as some of my sisters and friends.  So, if any of you are in the neighborhood drop by to see us! 


  1. Can't wait see you all. What a reunion that will be !!!!

  2. I am looking forward to coming, but don't know when or how,yet.