Friday, January 13, 2012

Terry still surprises us with a word here and there.  Just this morning he was talking in his sleep!  So, again, we take it one day at a time.  My goal for him is to make it through the winter without getting sick and plan another long trip for the summer!

I had surgery last week, so, Shannon and Emily took turns taking care of Terry.  There is so much to do for him and I thought I'd better write down some guidelines on how to accomplish each task.  I mentioned this to Cindy, his sister, and she insisted I post a picture of the instruction book I made for the girls!  So, here it is Cindy!

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  1. Thank-you Deborah.!!! So glad you all got a chance to go to Dallas. Emily is really doing her thing..isn't she. Mom said you still aren't feeling very good. And now you got to have it done on your foot? I sure will pray for Emily and Jennie and Shannon!!!! Yes and of course you and Terry!!! You are such a special person...thanks for all you do.Love ya, Cindy