Friday, February 3, 2012

Terry had his first "real" haircut in years this week!  I'm sure he hasn't been to a barber since we left OK.  Thought he might enjoy going.  Who cares if it only takes a minute to catch all of those hairs! I was willing to pay that "finders fee"!  Really, I was hoping he might interact with the barber, but he didn't.... 


  1. You all are in our prayers and we miss talking with you! Please give him a hug from Robin and Christopher....I'm hugging you right now!!

  2. I bet you were trying to collect them all !!! You know it had to feel good. It was great hearing from you yesterday. I was so excited to think was smiling when he heard my voice on the phone. I jsut can't wait to see everyone real soon. Just wanted you to know that our church has Terry on the prayer lsit every Sunday, for about a year now...I know prayers are alwasy answered, and the Good Lord has lete us have him a long time. I know it is hard on you Deborah and we all pray for you too, but if anyone can do the can. Thanks for taking care of my brother. Love you all, Cindy Shaw