Friday, October 5, 2012

Catching up!

Today is Terry’s 60th birthday!  It’s been 7 years!  Joy beyond measure! 
So much has happened in the last six months!  Because it’s been so long since I was on here, thought I’d just share the highlights, if that’s possible once I get started! Ha!

Well, Terry was pretty quiet through the winter and spring…with a few words here and there.  In April we started house hunting (again!) and one day we were following our realtor around a curve, heading to the next house.  There was a house in the curve that had front and side yards full of flowers in full bloom!  Terry saw it and said, “Look at that!”!!!  The realtor stopped in front of that house!!  When I got out of the car I told her we’re buying this house!  Terry Shaw just spoke!!!  As it turned out it was the best house for us and we did actually buy it!

We moved in the first week of June, were there about 3 weeks and left for the Carolina’s. 

Terry’s Grandfather, Paw Paw, was having his 95th birthday on July 14!  William (also born July 14!) had told me earlier he was spending his birthday with Paw Paw, so I started making plans to be there, also.  Paw Paw had been fighting pneumonia for a couple of months and wasn’t doing very well.  We were able to spend some time with him before his birthday and I’m so thankful for that.  I'm especially thankful that Shannon, Bryan, Isaac, David, William, Anna and Emily were all there to spend time with him, as well.

Paw Paw did very well at his party…so many people were able to see him again that probably wouldn’t have visited him otherwise.  Sadly, he passed away about 2 weeks later.  Terry was an honorary pall bearer.  Terry told me last night he was worried about Paw Paw, so I don't believe he remembers all that happened.

We took Terry to Myrtle Beach; he does love the ocean!  We spent quite a bit of time with his Mom and he even talked for her!  We also went to South Carolina to see my side of the family; as always, too short a visit!  Terry and I both caught a bug and were puny for the last couple of weeks.

After 5 weeks we made it home to face the boxes!!  No longer can I unpack and get my house in order in a few weeks!  We still have lots of unpacking to do.  One thing I’ve learned…it never walks off!  It’ll be there when I get to it!

I need to add in here, my oldest sister Jennie is part of our family now, and I couldn't make the trip without her!  She is so much help with taking things into the hotel when we stop, and sitting in the van with Terry while I run in places for food, etc.  We never stop to eat in a restaurant while we travel, it would just add too much chair time for Terry, but fast food gets old!  So, she waits with him and they listen to music while I go order food!  We have a system all worked out!  Jennie loves it, because she really doesn't help much with him otherwise.  I feel it's just too much responsibility for her.  

This week has been another “awakening” for Terry!  Monday he started talking again!  At first I was writing down what he was saying, but I couldn’t keep up!  I just don’t want to leave his side because he keeps talking!  He’s napping right now, but I had to tell him to close his eyes and rest because we’re going out to dinner for his birthday.  He had just asked me if I wanted to go walk….around the mall!!

Earlier today he told me he didn’t need to sleep!  I guess not! Since he’s slept for the last 7 years!

Well, as you can see I’m so excited!  It’s hard not to get my hopes up, and yet that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Already I’m thinking “physical therapy” again.  Who knows what the next few months will bring…

There is a fellow in our house modifying the first bathroom!  So….by next weekend Terry should have his first shower in a very long time!  Our bathroom will be modified after Christmas, along with lots of other things.  (So, if I just leave all this dust I could pretend it’s snow!)


  1. Oh I wish I were there to see ya. Madison would love to see him when he is able to talk back to him so well. Kohlston has started do so much since ya seen him last. He is so funny but mean too. He is ALL BOY!!!!
    It looks like October is going to be a good month with all this good news so far, and it only the 5th.
    WE LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I am so glad Terry had such a wonderful birthday! I am so happy for you to hear him talking so much. October has been a Blessed month for us all. So happy about the new home and remodeling going on, hope to come visit you all. Love ya , Cindy