Monday, January 25, 2016

Most everyone who sees this will already know...Terry died December 20, 2015.  My heart is heavy as I write this.  Even though we had 10 years to prepare, I have learned you can never be prepared to lose part of yourself.

I have neglected writing on here, since I've posted often and shared so many pictures in our private Facebook group.  So...

Thought I'd share some of the highlights from 2015...

The year started off pretty calm..but in February Terry had his first stay, of the year, in the hospital...11 days with Pneumonia.

In April we had a visit from my sister Theresa and her husband Jeff.  While Theresa and I spent hours talking and catching up, Jeff completed odd jobs around the house for me.  I already have the next "honey do" list ready for their next visit!

                                 Jeff took Terry for a walk around the block

Also, another highlight in April...we went to see The Sound Of Music in the theatre!  Nothing like the big screen! 
                                  Enjoying a warm day in April

On May 3,  Terry, Jennie, Emily and I participated in Walk 4 Water to raise money to fund the drilling of clean water wells in Africa.

                                   Taking a little nap while Emily walks

And then Mothers' Day!  William came from Colorado to be with was the first time to have Shannon, William and Emily all together on Mother's Day in way too many years!  We started the day off by going to worship service, then in the afternoon Emily and William cooked dinner for all of us.

                   The last picture will all of us together, except Taylor.
Also, May 24 my youngest sister, Pam, died in her sleep. It was such a shock and such great sadness to lose her so unexpectedly.  Emily cared for Terry while Jennie and I flew to SC to be with family.

My dear friend Gudrun and her husband Bill moved to San Antonio in May!  Now, I have no coffee buddy!

Our youngest grandson, David, graduated from high school the first week of June.  We are so very proud of him!

Also in June, Terry spent another 6 days in the hospital.
                      But not before he was able to enjoy Flag Day

After that visit things seem to return to normal for him.  We enjoyed the rest of June and July.

August 2 we left for SC to see my brother Donald.  He had been battling colon cancer for almost 2 years and it had metastisized to his liver. Although, he assured me he was going to get better, I just knew I had to see him.  We were able to spend part of every day with him, except one, when he didn't want anyone to visit.  He left this life on August 16, 2015 with his sweet wife, Melissa, his sons, Daniel and Travis, our brother Kevin and sister-in-law, Angie by his side.  I'm am so thankful we were able to spend time with him and while we were there we were honored to watch Donald and his son, Travis, be baptized into Christ in the Edisto River, where Donald spent countless hours fishing.
                                              Terry and Donald

September 1st Terry and I left for Florida with my sister Juanita and her husband Steve on a previously planned vacation.  We had a wonderful time in Daytona Beach.  As always, Terry loved seeing the ocean again!  I'm so thankful we took that trip!  We also went over to Orlando and while there our friend Doris came for a visit. We mostly spent that few days resting and eating, of course. On the way back to Summerville we stopped one more night on the ocean.  Sweet memories...

Having visited with our families in SC we then took off to NC and enjoyed a week there with Terry's Mom, brothers and sisters and families.  More wonderful memories!

On the way home we stopped to visit with my sister, Theresa and her husband Jeff.  Terry started getting sick a day or so after we arrived there, so we stayed until he was better and then headed home.

All total we were gone 55 days!

We all celebrated Terry's birthday together on October 5 and rejoiced on October 9 that he'd made it 10 years since the cancer was found on his brain.
                                      Looking at birthday cards
 October 9 was 10 years since the cancer was found on his brain. A day to celebrate!

On October 10 Terry and I left for Branson, MO where we planned to stay until the 17th, our 45th anniversary.  However, on Wednesday, the 14th I decided we'd go home, instead and went to see Emily in Mrs. California!

Of course, there was Thanksgiving together with family, and many other dinners...just because.  Family time is always the best!

December 12-16 Terry was in ICU, again with pneumonia.  He was only home from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday before we were back in the hospital...for the last time..

We took Terry back to Charlotte, his home town, for his funeral service.  After having been away for so many years, it was indeed heart warming to see so many people there to help us honor him.

In the next few months we'll be going to Arlington National Cemetery where Terry will be buried with full military honors.

To all of you that have read his blog...thank you.

It has truly been a Good Life With Terry.

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