Thursday, April 22, 2010

Terry is in his recliner watching tv with his favorite son!  William got here Sunday evening!  The time is flying by!  But, he has decided to move in with us to help with his Dad.  All of us are thrilled!  He'll go back to Colorado May 1 and work a week or so, pack up and move here. 

Terry hasn't been very talkative this week like he was last weekend.  (Did I even blog about that?)  He seems really tired.    William and the physical therapist helped him walk twice yesterday!  Just a few steps, but he actually moved his feet, himself!  Then William took him for a walk around the block.  Wish I had taken a picture.  He was so cute, wearing his hat and wrapped up in a blanket.  I think William talked to him or rather with him the whole way.  He told me Terry responded to his questions.  I'm sure he's so happy to have William here. 

And with William here I'm not having to put him in the lift every time because William can lift him and pivot to the wheel chair.  (I help a little)  I'm so thankful!

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  1. Yeah!!!!!!
    I am glad William decided to move in with you. It will give him time to spend with Terry and you a break more often.
    Tell all I said hi and love them, and you.