Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Terry's feeling much better today!  He's had a busy day...the nurse took some blood, the aid bathed him, then physical therapy came to work with me getting him up and down in the lift. 

After everyone left I took him outside for a few minutes and let him soak up a little sun.  He really seem to enjoy being out there, looking around, watching cars come and go.  He didn't say a word the entire time.  But he also didn't fall asleep!

When I brought him in I took him to the living room in his wheelchair.  But I just feel so bad for him sitting in it.  I'm sure it's not very comfortable.  So I dragged the lift into the living room and transferred him from the wheelchair into his recliner!  Got his legs up, a pillow behind his head and he took a nice long nap.  He's been awake for a while, now, watching tv and eating supper.  It's so nice to have him in the living room and know he's comfortable and not have to watch to make sure he doesn't fall out of the chair.

All in all, a very nice day! 

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  1. I know, being so far away we don't come to visit, but, I miss my Ralph. I hope we can come in the summer to see you. I wish I could be there to help some. I love you both, and you continue to be in my prayers.