Friday, April 9, 2010

This afternoon Terry had a "swallow" study. A mobile unit came to the house and we just had to take him out in the wheelchair to it. Didn't take long for them to say he holds liquids in his mouth a long time before swallowing. (that's what prompted the study) But he's not choking, so that's good news.

The rest of the week was just the usual visits from home health. On Tuesday he wouldn't speak at all for the speech therapist, not a word! On Thursday he fell asleep while she was working with him.

Also, on Tuesday he couldn't stand for the physical therapists. He can't support his weight at all.

Today Shannon sat with him for me to go to the eye doctor and the aid came to bathe him. She asked him if he would turn over (usually he doesn't respond to questions) and he told her NO. She asked why not and he said, "Because you've been beating on me!"

Even though it's harder on us when he's not cooperative it shows some spunk. I'm glad of that.

No worries, the aid is nice as can be. She's very kind to him, calls him her buddy. He's charmed all of them, as usual.

He's had a low grade fever in the evenings. We can't figure out why, but I'm sure that makes him feel out of sorts.

All in all it's been a pleasant week. Didn't have to go anywhere with him, so he got plenty of rest.

He's sitting in the living room watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.

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